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    3 Ways to Try the Menswear Trend this Spring

    The menswear trend has made a comeback! If you are looking to pull off the menswear trend this spring, remember – opposites attract! Try pairing oversized blazers and masculine accessories with a structured feminine piece. Pairing opposites in one outfit is so fun to create a visually interesting look. Need some ideas? Keep reading!

    1. A Silk Scarf Tie

    Try tying your favorite wild rag in a Windsor knot and pair it with skinny trousers and an oversized blazer (like we've done with the Champ and Bonita below). If you want a more casual look, swap the blazer for a vest (shown with the Seed Bead)!


    2. Thrift some Suspenders

    Yes, suspenders can be stylish! We paired some oversized slacks with a tight top and silk scarf for a vintage take on menswear. We've tried this trend with the Flagstaff, Rodeo King, and Ranger!



    3. Tie it in a Bow

    We LOVE tying our wild rags in a bow; this tie perfectly fits the menswear trend. Find a colorful scarf to pair with a monochrome outfit so your bow tie takes center stage. Our favorite colorful scarves for this tie are the Haute Horse, Prickly Pear, Be Pearful, and Roam!