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    News — Behind the Design

    Behind the Design - The Camo Cactus

    Behind the Design - The Camo Cactus

    When it comes to style, I always look for a classic piece with a unique twist that incorporates all of the elements I love. Camo is more than a print. It's a staple for every wardrobe, a neutral for every outfit, and, like a painting, every camo print is unique. There was no cactus inspired camo print wild rag on the market, so I created the Camo Cactus.

    This was such a fun scarf to design because of the placement process. Camo Cactus features a combination of prickly pear, agave, and yucca. Placing each cactus in various sizes a shades of color to create a camo print proved challenging! But, I love the final result, especially when "tied on".

    Staying Casual



    Edgy Chic



    Earth Vibes

    Behind the Design - The Bandito

    Behind the Design - The Bandito
    At Fringe Scarves, we never pack up our wild rag collection because of rising temperatures. However, it’s hard not to love a cotton bandanna in the summer. We wanted a scarf that was soft like our silk wild rags and sheer like most of the clothing we wear in the summer. Then, The Bandito was born.

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