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    News — Behind the Design

    Wild Rag Care Guide

    Silk can be intimidating. When you invest in a silk wild rag, you might feel like it should come with an owner’s manual. Never fear! With a careful touch and a little know how, your silk wild rags will last for generations.

    Wild rag care can be split into three parts: washing, ironing, storing.


    Because of the delicate nature of silk, over washing will cause the colors of your wild rag to eventually fade (our denim jeans do the same thing but denim is much hardier). Dry cleaning is the preferred method but you can hand wash at home. 

    At Home—silk is a hand wash only item. Fill a sink basin with cold water and a gentle detergent. Place scarves in basin, agitate the water, and let them sit for a few minutes. Silk releases dirt quickly so this load of laundry will be done fast!

    After washing, you might be tempted to put your clean, wet wild rags in the dryer. Saying it with me—DO NOT WRING OUT! DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER!

    Trick—lay scarf flat on a cotton towel and fold towel over rag to cover. Press out excess moisture and lay flat to dry.


    Your iron is your friend, especially if you have a silk setting! If not, keep on lowest heat setting. Keep your iron moving until all wrinkles release. Iron from the back of the scarf to preserve the design and make sure its completely dry.


    We love to use the Fringe Scarves Custom Scarf Hanger (below), but you can also use clipped hangers or any storage solution that allows wild rags to hand freely to prevent wild rags.

    That's it! While your wild rags need a little extra care, the upkeep is simple and the key to making them last! If you have any questions about your Fringe wild rags, reach out to us at! 

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