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    Jodi Hendrickson, The Woman Behind the Silk Scarves

    Jodi Hendrickson, The Woman Behind the Silk Scarves
    Have you heard our tagline? “Stick Your Neck Out and Tie One On.” For me, this phrase holds a special meaning and I knew when I started this business it had to be incorporated into the brand. Stick your neck out and tie one on,  to me means, taking chances, going for it, and being fearless. And that's my story.

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    Meet A Fringe Scarves Contributor...

    Meet A Fringe Scarves Contributor...

    ...Brandie Blodgett Mustian
    I'm so fortunate to have so many talented friends! I'm excited to introduce Brandie to those of you who don't know her. Wise beyond her years, very creative, a great friend and just super fun! I feel so blessed to get to use my friends for Fringe projects! Brandie does a great deal of Fringe Scarve's photoshoots.
    Just a little look into who is behind the lens of Fringe Scarves....
    Brandie is a wife, mother, photographer, promotional strategist, visionary, project manager, organizer and master connector. Yep! She's all that!
    Deeply rooted in agriculture, Brandie grew up in the small Texas town of Guthrie, where she was raised on the 6666 Ranch. Her dad, Dr. Glenn Blodgett, has served as the Veterinarian and Horse Division Manager now for just under 40 years.
    Known for her love of connecting people within the Agricultural community, Brandie definitely has a love of people and their passions. She is passionate about nurturing and developing strong foundations and meaningful relationships, she is attracted to environments focused on innovation and definitely a forward thinking leader. "I seek opportunities which are connected to the same vision I share for growth and progress", says Mustian.
    Brandie respects and admires diversity of all levels of talent and variations of behavior, which allows her to never miss a connection!
    Brandie has her own business in which she offers a variety of services, including promotional strategy, branded product and apparel and photography. 
    Thanks for all you do Brandie!

    The Silk Scarf - The Swiss Army Knife of Fashion

    The Silk Scarf - The Swiss Army Knife of Fashion

    Fringe Scarves has taken a fresh approach to silk scarf design and turned a single accessory into the most versatile fashion piece in your closet.

    The corners, textures and colors are designed to completely change the look depending on how you fold the scarf.

    But the real power comes with how you creatively apply the scarf to your look.

    9 Creative Ways to Use a Scarf

    The Wrist Wrap

    Enhance your wrist with this colorful alternative to common bracelets and bangles.


    The Purse Charm

    Spruce up an boring purse or energize an old one with color and flair in seconds.


    The Necklace Upgrade

    Necklaces are nice but scarves are so versatile with flow, drape style and color that chains just can’t compete.

    The Hair Tie

    Wrap around your ponytail or messy bun for playful daytime use or add unique accent for a dressy dinner date.


    The Scarf Belt

    Ditch that old, boring belt idea for a colorful accent with basic jeans and a white t-shirt. Or a colorful twist to a maxi-dress.


    The Double Up

    Tie two scarves together for a multi-dimensional look around your neck or waistline. Double the impact.


    The Ankle Wrap

    Draw the eye down to those bad-ass pair of shoes.


    The Strapless Cami

    Fold the scarf in a triangle and tie around your backside, add a blazer and a chunky necklace for a cute, strapless top.


    The Classic Head Wrap

    Instantly get their attention with a colorful scarf wrapped loosely around your head. Place the knot in the front, back or side for three completely different looks.