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    5 Ways to Wear the Wrap

    5 Ways to Wear the Wrap
    The best part of the fringe wraps is the fact that they can be used for more than a mask. When masks are no longer required (we hope this day is just around the corner), here are 5 more ways to wear your Fringe Wrap.

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    Western Office Wear Guide - Part 2

    Western Office Wear Guide - Part 2

    Did you happen to catch the first part of this series and are begging for more ways to pull of the "office meets western" look? You're in luck! We are making this a two part series. Last week, we dove into five classic wild rags to incorporate into your professional attire (read that blog here). This week, we are showcasing 5 styles to add to your wardrobe if you want to make a bold statement, just a little western and a lot classy.

    The key to a happy "work wardrobe" is a balance between personal style and dress code requirements (this is probably the reason blazers come in 60 different colors). Just a small uphill battle right? Shaley Ham from West Desperado makes it look effortless (she holds our western office wear goals). Accessories like wild rags is a great way to make your personality shine if you want to rise above the pantsuit crowd. Check out these 5 Fringe Scarves recommendations for a crossover western-professional look.

    Western Yoke

    This is it! Every element of western culture all in one scarf! Firstly, it is a perfect pairing for your existing wardrobe because its primary colors are brown and black. It goes with virtually everything! What a relief to find a piece you can add in that doesn't require a new top or jacket to accompany it. But for the Western Yoke, it's the details that make this scarf an easy win. Boot stitching, yoke border, bucking horse and starburst in the center, and colorful pops of retro boot details. This scarf can be a subtle compliment or the showstopper to your outfit.


    The Topsy is a fun way to add color into an otherwise muted outfit. Inspired by a Mexican saddle blanket Jodi's mom brought home from a trip to Mexico in the 1950's, the Topsy will make you feel like you are in the saddle or part of a Ralph Lauren excursion instead of at your desk. Our favorite details are the silver saddle conchos along the border and the tapestry feel to the Aztec print. This one classes up any outfit!

    Squash Blossomed

    Who doesn't like turquoise? Especially vintage Pawn jewelry! If you wear the Squash Blossomed to work, you will be borrowing this one to your coworkers without a doubt! What's so great about this scarf is the array of silver and turquoise pieces beyond the squash blossom centerpieces. It makes a stunning replacement to traditional jewelry. This scarf is a showstopper no matter how you style it.


    This bandanna print is a classic cowboy look all of your non western coworkers will immediately recognize. But, the sheen of the silk used and the elegance of the scroll detailing adds sophistication to any outfit it accompanies. Our favorite way to showcase the Bandito is in a monochromatic look.

    Cowboy Up

    Cowboy up is just plain fun! The showstopper center design reminds us of the famous Pendleton Round Up. But, when tied around your neck, the vibrant colors really stand out. With rich colors like mustard, red, tan, this scarf is a must have for fall layering.

    Western Office Wear Guide

    Western Office Wear Guide
    Do you feel like you live in two different worlds? Your "home life" is full of dirt and chores and livestock while your "work life" is full of slack, blazers, and corporate lingo. Mastering the wardrobe of both worlds is a challenge, especially if you are looking for pieces that fit in both. 

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    How to Tie - the Square Knot

    How to Tie - the Square Knot

    Wild rags have to be the most versatile accessory in Western fashion. You can take one solid colored scarf, tie it five different ways, and have five completely different looks. And, if you're wearing a Fringe Scarf, the design allows for even more looks with unique details in each corner (check out the Boots line) or unique designs in each quadrant (like the Dotz collection).

    The square knot (also known as the Buckaroo Knot) is a classic cowboy knot that may seem tricky at first, but the finished knot will add a hint of elegance to to your overall look. For this how to, we will be using the Rusty Dot scarf. This scarf is beautiful; a classic print that will really let the square knot shine.

    To start this tie, leave the right tail slightly longer than the right. (if you want the tails even on the finished knot, it may take some trial and error to find the right beginning lengths)


    Wrap the left tail over your left index and middle fingers and pinch the tail in between your left thumb and index finger. Make sure the thumb is on top. This creates a "hole" for the tails to go through later on.

    Join the right tail in this hold by bringing it underneath the left. When looking down at your hold, the left tail should be on top of the right with the tops of the tails in opposite directions from where they started.

    Using your right hand, bring the right tail around the top of your thumb, behind the mid section of your scarf tails, and back to the original side it began on. Keep a hold of this tail, but adjust your hand if need be.

    While holding the right tail, bring it over the left tail and to right side of the "hole" opening we created earlier by pinching it between the left index and middle fingers. Don't pull it through yet.


    This step may take some practice. Carefully pull your left two fingers out of the "hold" bringing the right tail with it. Gently pull the two scarf tails in equal pressure to keep the square appearance of the knot. You may have to make some adjustments to the scarf sections at the top of the knot.

    There you have it! Use the square knot the next time you wear a wild rag and you will look like a seasoned veteran. While any scarf can be tied using the square knot, we think classic prints like Snakebit, Palo Duro, or our Executive Cowboy series really puts the knot in the spotlight.