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    Stick Your Neck Out Blog

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    The Black on Black Collection

    There is something so powerful about an all black ensemble. It's all in the details, which is where accessories like a wild rag matter most. These 13 wild rags are a perfect addition to your black on black outfit, no matter what look you're shooting for.

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    Rock the Denim and Wild Rag Look

    Jeans, jackets, pearl snaps, dresses, what's not to love about denim?! There are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing a wild rag for tie together (pun intended) your Canadian tuxedo, but this is our Fringe guide for getting the most out of this Western pairing.

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    Wild Rag Care Guide

    Wild Rag Care Guide
    Silk can be intimidating. When you invest in a silk wild rag, you might feel like it should come with an owner’s manual. Never fear! With a careful touch and a little know how, your silk wild rags will last for generatio

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