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    News — New Scarves

    5 Ways to Wear the Wrap

    5 Ways to Wear the Wrap
    The best part of the fringe wraps is the fact that they can be used for more than a mask. When masks are no longer required (we hope this day is just around the corner), here are 5 more ways to wear your Fringe Wrap.

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    All About the New Summer Collection

    All About the New Summer Collection

    The new summer collection is here! It's a unique challenge to transform the quality of our silk scarves into a style that can be worn at the peak of summer but we were up for the challenge. We've spend countless hours searching for the perfect cotton silk blend that is soft, yet durable and cooling. We spent several more hours creating a design that speaks to our love of vintage western and Americana roots. The result is two new scarf styles plus the appearance of our original summer favorite.

    The Fringe Wraps

    Now back in stock and taking orders for shipping the beginning of next week! Battling both heat and humidity, we often find ourselves using a Fringe Scarf to pull our hair up in the summer or to catch the beading sweat along our temples. The new Fringe Wraps come in two of our favorite designs-- the Fiesta and the Otomi. This wrap is a multi purpose piece. Wear is as a hair accessory, a face mask, or find another creative way to incorporate them into your look. Available in Black Fiesta or Otomi print. Now available, three new wraps, the Hot Pink Fiesta, The Black Otomi and the Baby Concho in Black.

    Retro Rags

    All of our favorite western elements in a cotton/silk blend scarf. This is not your typical cotton bandanna. The Retro Rags have a soft, worn feel and sheer weight, making it a perfect summer add on. Each corner features an iconic western element-- smoking pistols, Indian headdress, saguaro cactus, and a longhorn steer skull. The cowgirl pinup in the center of the scarf showcases our slogan "Stick Your Neck Out and Tie One On" and the entire design is completed with an antiqued Aztec border. Available in Red, Aqua, Off-White, Army Green, Slate, and Straw.

    Cotton Banditos

    A Fringe Fan favorite! The Banditos in a cotton/silk blend debuted as a summer style, but can now be found all year long. This design is "traditional bandanna with a twist." A larger bucking horse is centered in the design, with smaller bucking horses and cactus detailing in each corner. The soft paisley scroll and contrasting geometric prints pull the design together and makes it a classic to have in your closet. Available in Black, Brown, Navy, Red, Olive, Coral.